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Blue Pyrenees Shiraz

Product no.: 29163


The Blue Pyrenees Shiraz is right ruby red and gives aromas of regional spices like cardamom and clove rise over ripe blueberry fruit and a touch of vanillan oak.

From $14.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $19.95
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Catching Thieves Cabernet Merlot

Product no.: 31373


The highly skilled McWilliams team has matched the noble qualities of Cabernet with Merlot, to achieve a succulent red wine with style and flair.

From $13.55 / bottle(s)
RRP $21.99
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Grant Burge Benchmark Sem Sauv Blanc

Product no.: 30153


This popular Semillon Sauvignon Blanc style from Grant Burge shows bright lemon hues with hints of youthful green.

From $12.25 / bottle(s)
RRP $20.00
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Les Jamelles Cabernet Sauvignon

Product no.: 32677


This is an elegant, complex wine that is long and velvety on the palate.

From $12.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $18.00
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Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise Shiraz Blend

Product no.: 32539


The Wirra Wirra Scrubby Shiraz Blend has a brilliant deep crimson hue, with vibrant purple edge and pungent primary red fruits.

From $15.40 / bottle(s)
RRP $18.00
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Evans & Tate Gnangara Shiraz

Product no.: 32608


The Evans & Tate Gnangara Shiraz has a deep, vibrant ruby red colour.

From $9.40 / bottle(s)
RRP $15.95
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Nottage Hill Pinot Grigio

Product no.: 32480


The Nottage Hill Pinot Grigio shows intense aromatics and varietal definition with vibrant natural acidity.

From $8.75 / bottle(s)
RRP $12.99
You save 33 %
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Zilzie Selection 23 Chardonnay

Product no.: 30856


This double-trophy winning Chardonnay can make any day seem magical, you just have to believe.

From $9.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $14.95
You save 33 %
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