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Brands Laira Cabernet Merlot

Product no.: 39828


This Cabernet Merlot displays dark fruits mocha and vanilla oak notes.

From $18.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $25.00
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Flinders Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Product no.: 31508

Medium bodied Sauvignon Blanc in the green and grassy end of the Sauvignon Blanc spectrum.

From $11.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $18.99
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Peter Lehmann Art 'n' Soul Pinot Grigio

Product no.: 32784


This Pinot Grigio from Peter Lehmann has a refreshing and lively palate with a crisp, clean finish. 5-star rating James Halliday!

From $9.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $16.95
You save 41 %
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Sea Opal Sauvignon Blanc

Product no.: 31311


This sauv blanc is a light straw colour displaying intense passionfruit aromas, a luscious combination of fruit sweetness and lively acidity.

From $10.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $19.99
You save 45 %
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Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial NV

Product no.: 6398


Brut Impérial is a balanced assemblage of multiple vine varieties disclosing a succession of elegant and harmonious sensations

From $68.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $85.00
You save 19 %
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Moonstruck (By Brown Brothers) Pinot Grigio

Product no.: 33258


The Moonstruck Pinot Grigio is a light straw colour with a youthful green hue.

From $13.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $30.00
You save 54 %
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Penny Hill's Cracking Black Shiraz

Product no.: 32860


Deliciously intense, with a lengthy concentrated blackberry fruit, liquorice and pepper.

From $21.95 / bottle(s)
RRP $32.00
You save 31 %
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Drift Pinot Noir

Product no.: 32191

The Drift Pinot Noir is a luscious medium-bodied wine with a soft rounded palate.

From $18.50 / bottle(s)
RRP $22.00
You save 16 %
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